SMS Scheduler

Send SMS in a few hours or days even if you are not at PC

Select the required Canned Response and save your time instead of typing long texts

Check if your SMS was sent in due time in one click

With our SMS Scheduling feature sending text messages becomes an extremely easy and automated process.
SMS Scheduler sends the text messages you wrote after a certain period of time.
It helps in remembering the important dates and prevents you from forgetting to make an appointment, send follow-up message to your client or inform him about some updates.

Easy to Manage

The set-up procedure is really easy and quick. Just choose the outbound number, type your client’s phone number and the message itself and select the required date and time. Be sure your message will be sent not a minute later.

Efficient Usage of Various Templates

With Nectar Desk SMS Scheduler you can set up a pre-recorded text message and use it multiple times. Canned Responses extremely save your time while arranging new SMS.

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