SMS Campaign

SMS Campaign

Here’s How SMS Campaign Works

Nectar Desk call center software offers an automated text-messaging solution. It assists businesses in managing two-way business interaction between software and text message receivers. So, use the SMS Campaign function to forward both personalized and customized messages to groups of various sizes and further gather and process individual responses.

Distribute SMS messages in three easy steps:

1. Create or apply call phone list. Instantly import a list of call numbers or register contacts just into the integrated CRM software.

2. Compose unique interactive text messages. Just type your own text message and choose additional required options such as “Ongoing Campaign”, “SMS Scheduler”, “Business Hours Settings”.

3. Hit “Save” button.

Reach up to 98% of your audience easily.

Connect with customers anywhere and anytime.

Create campaigns with an user-friendly interface.

Increase engagement by personalized messages.

Save time with scheduled messages and triggers.

Track and measure the success of your campaigns.

Benefits of Text Messaging Service

Text messaging is a personal and faster way in comparison with telephone calls. Besides, the second way of communication is more expensive. In average rate of response to the SMS message is about 1-2 minutes. Therefore, it’s a widely used and effective approach. Nectar Desk SMS Campaign Service is perfect for updates informing, event invitations or cancellation notifying, polls & surveys, or simply any messages that must be quickly sent. Our software will interactively gather and process replies.

Additional SMS Campaign features:

1. Ability to choose different Outbound SMS IDs

2. Type your message once and send it to hundreds of clients in minutes.

3. Intuitive user interface or electronic spreadsheet

4. Convenient import/copy call list from Excel, .csv formats

Moreover, Nectar Desk SMS Campaign Service is an amazingly affordable communication instrument. There are no hidden additional fees and no contracts. We offer advanced trial accounts completely free for 14 days. Including Credits and Phone Numbers to test Phone Calls and SMS.

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