SMS Benefits

An easy and convenient way to send SMS
Automated process of sending texts with the help of SMS Campaign
SMS Scheduler and Business Hours Settings
Ability to send text messages worldwide


Your best Business SMS Messaging solution

Nectar Desk call center software offers an automated text-messaging solution, which assists businesses to manage two-way business interaction between software and text message receiver.
Text messaging is a personal and faster way of communication in comparison with telephone calls, which are besides more expensive. On average, the rate of response to the SMS message is about 1-2 minutes. With our CRM, you’ll always have an opportunity to get in touch with your customers quickly and notify them about important events.


Set-up procedure & Benefits

Thanks to the SMS Campaign functionality, you will be able to forward both personalized and customized messages to groups of various sizes and further gather and process individual responses.

To initiate the SMS Campaign, choose the previously uploaded to the CRM contact list, compose unique interactive text message – just type your own SMS and choose additional required options such as “Ongoing Campaign”, “SMS Scheduler” or “Business Hours Settings”.
Hit the “Save” button and get in touch with thousands of your customers following easy steps above and spending not more than 3 minutes on creating every new SMS Campaign.

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