SMS Analytics and Reports

SMS Analytics and Reports

Here’s How SMS Analytics and Reports Work

With our SMS Analytics and Reports it becomes extremely easy to take sending your text messages under control. Just use a filter and see the detailed report for all your SMS and SMS Dispositions. In SMS Analytics you can find information about total inbound SMS conversations, total answered inbound SMS conversations, average first response time, average conversation duration, and total outbound conversations. This information is about all the agents in your account. Once the SMS conversation with the client is complete, you can mark it with the disposition code (a kind of SMS result, for example, successful deal/need to contact later, etc). Moreover, our user-friendly filter allows you to select the required date, agent, and outbound SMS ID. So, you’ll be able to see the itemized report for each agent separately.

Use data-driven insights for strategic decisions.

Understand the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Save time and resources with automated reports.

Manage and optimize your SMS marketing easily.

Get instant access to current data in your account.

Provide strategies with comprehensive reports.

Improve SMS Marketing Strategies

Boost your SMS marketing strategies with Nectar Desk’s advanced SMS Analytics and Reports. Our platform provides real-time analytics, detailed metrics, and customizable dashboards. Moreover, we have Messaging Campaigns. It gives you the possibility to connect with your audience in a more effective and personalized way. The platform supports a wide range of messaging options. This includes SMS, email, and social media. Therefore, you can reach your customers through their preferred channels. Automate working performance with Nectar Desk and get brilliant results!

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