Skill-Based Routing

Skill-based routing

unlimited number of skills per agent

set up dialing priorirties based on skills

Skill-based routing ensure that when a call reaches a call center—the person most knowledgeable about your issues will be at service to you. Thus, the call center software ensures that your call reaches the specific department or team that would be able to answer your queries.

Skill-based routing includes several module types. They are as the following:

Skill-Based Routing

In the first type of routing lets the same call go to multiple agents and when one picks up, the others are given a notification. The skill-based routing ensures that whichever agent is free will be on hand to answer calls and thus, more customers are served is a lesser period of time.

Team built

Another strategy includes having a team built, with each member specializing in a certain skill. This way there is at least a person, if not more, to clarify your problem specifically when a team receives your call at any given time.

This can be done through simple programming changes.


Call centers also choose to route your call to a particular agent or department. This is based on the options you dial—thus ensuring your queries reach a person who can understand and fix your problem immediately.

Skillbased routing algorithms decide on how to transfer a call to a particular agent on department based on the following set of paradigms:

  • The software checks if an agent is free and available to answer queries
  • Furthermore, an agent who has been available for a longer time is routed rather than an agent who has just gotten off of the phone
  • When answering calls, an agent who has more knowledge on a variety of issues is preferred over one who has one specialized skill set. Thus, skill-based routing will take you to the more skilled agent.
  • If a caller has specified beforehand the type of problem or attention their call requires then the system will automatically route the caller to a specialized agent

By having call center software manipulated to adapt to skill-based routing, we establish a more user-friendly experience.