Email Channel

Email Channel

Send and Receive emails right within Nectar Desk interface

Email / Ticket channel is available in every country

Analyze your agents performance in email management

Nectar Desk can notify you by email when anything happens. For instance, you can designate Nectar Desk to notify you with an email containing information, voicemail, and interpretation after a call is missed.

Nectar Desk’s settings are changeable so you can write emails with data that is most useful for you. They are anything but difficult to set up and change, with no coding required.


With Nectar Desk call center crm, you can arrange your notifications utilizing a basic, simplified interface. This makes it simple to customize your call center email notices and change them whenever.


You can allow emails when a particular occasion happens,for example, when a call is missed from a specific contact, a voicemail is left from a particular guest, a call is left by a certain operator, an inbound call is set to a distinct telephone number, a call is missed amid business hours or a voicemail is left outside of business hours. Call cener email enables you to remain informed and updated without flooding your inbox.

Call Center Email Recipients

You can select email beneficiaries with Nectar Desk. You can send a call center email to a guest, an operator, or a supervisor. This makes it simple and convenient to monitor the necessities of your esteemed clients and your organization at all circumstances.


Call center email notifications also enable you to customize the body of the email to contain a few or the majority of the accompanying: the recipient’s data, voicemail data, call recording, call information, call labels and record ID. With this usefulness, you can ensure that your emails contain just the most important information.

Call Center Email Voicemail

Nectar Desk will send you an email when your call center gets a voicemail with the call details, voicemail recording, and voicemail translation. This is useful for any individual who might want to know precisely when they get a voicemail so they can read the transcript or tune into the recording continuously.

Is it safe to say that you are keen on our cloud-based call center programming with email notifications?

Let Nectar Desk’s call center programming specialists demonstrate to you that it is so natural to design a call center in 5 minutes. Tap the catch underneath to begin your free trial today.

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