Custom Agent Statuses

Custom Agent Statuses

Here’s How Custom Agent Statuses Work

Custom call center operator statuses let agents collaborate and show their ideas and tasks. It becomes visible that they are ready to start the working day and accept calls. This call facility provides important information for supervisors. It shows agents’ presence at the workplace and their workflow. So, your employees can change statuses depending on their activities at a specific moment. As a result, status transferring will help your group build trust and save time.

Nectar Desk provides the option to alter default statuses and characterize new statuses in sync with establishment culture. For example, “break,” “lunch,” “group meeting,” and “training”. Statuses, also, show how workers follow the rules of your call center.

Provide better communication within the team.

Check workers availability for specific tasks.

Track agent statuses to distribute resources.

Monitor agent availability and workload.

Provide a transparent record of agent activities.

Improve customer service experience to new level.

Easy Monitoring and Reporting of Agent Statuses

The “Agents” section in their dashboard of reports, lets controllers and facilitators review the detailed history of statuses easily. Alternatively, they can also command an Agent Status Report conveniently. This will provide them with another version of the particulars of the call queue system. The report takes into consideration a thorough evaluation of both performance and time spent during a particular period. So, all these prove to be a reliable and consistent method for evaluating facilitators and controllers.

Both call center agents and facilitators can track statuses from the “Live Calls” revealing tab. This empowers everybody involved with insights into their associates in real time. With easy tracking, collaboration becomes quick and valuable.

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