Warm Transfers

Cold/Warm Transfers

 Introduce Caller to another agent

 Transfer calls within Nectar Desk or to external phone number

Call Transfer is a telecommunications tool by Nectar Desk, which empowers a user to move a call and allocate it to another phone handle or operating console. This is done with the help of a relocating button that dials the call to the needed location.

This software consists of two different types:

Warm Call Transfer

When your agent can dial a phone number and directly commune with the operator who dealt with the customer before transmitting the caller over to them, it is known as Warm Call Transfer.

A suitable example, when a virtual receptionist handles a phone call to notify the caller, who has previously attempted to reach the call center/office by himself.

Cold Call Transfer

Contrary to Warm Call Transfer, Cold Call Transfer is not direct real-time communication, rather is when there is data transfer to the caller. It takes a phone call on a specific number if its caller has previously hung on.

This how your business benefits from Call Transfer:

  • Reduces costs for supplying agents,
  • Increases customers’ loyalty and trust regarding your brand,
  • Have no obligatory contracts at all,
  • Provides you with a free trial to make clear how it actually works.

You have the flexibility to guide your agents on which method they are to use in which situation.

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