Call Whispering

Call Whispering

Here’s How Call Whispering Works

Call whispering is a Nectar Desk feature. It allows the agent and the supervisor to talk separately while the caller is still on call. The caller won’t know about the secret call. So, the supervisor will be able to mentor the agent through the call.

The call center whisper feature is a great way to manage business phone systems. However, the supervisor has to be active all the time to receive a notification from the agent. Of course, if it is a peak time the supervisor won’t be able to manage all calls. Therefore, agents may not get needed help. Due to this, the agent may panic and be distracted from the actual ongoing call. So, it is very important to have enough amount of supervisors in your call center. This is what will help you track and train your agents.

Guide agents during live calls and give advice.

Help agents handle challenging situations better.

Make sure that agents follow company rules.

Track agents' working performance in teal time.

Improve training and call strategies with real data.

Keep teamwork between agents and supervisors.

Resolve Issues Easily with Nectar Desk CRM

Call centers can store all client information in a centralized CRM system. It serves as a database. So, supervisors have access to detailed customer histories, preferences, and previous interactions. Thus, they can give practical solutions for their agents relying on that info. It will provide a more personalized customer experience.

Also, Nectar Desk has a Call Recordings feature. If a supervisor has missed a live call, there is an opportunity to listen to recordings. Therefore, they can give post-call feedback and discuss it with agents. As you can see, Nectar Desk’s features provide a customer-centric approach and facilitate the work of employees.

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