Advanced Queue History

Advanced Queue History

Here’s How Advanced Queue History Works

Before considering the functions of call center queues it is important to understand its mechanics. The feature turns on when several callers are on hold to speak to an agent. It helps to provide service to these callers in time and reduce hold time. The queue should be divided between agents efficiently to get more results. Nectar Desk’s Advanced Queue History helps solve these problems. It gives detailed insights into call handling and agent performance. By looking at queue history, you can spot and fix difficulties. This allows calls to go to the right agents quickly. Thus, call centers invest in methods and tools to improve customer service experience as much as possible.


Track average waiting time and call volume.

Monitor agent performance and identify top ones.

Keep detailed records for compliance and audits.

Find and fix inefficiencies in queue management.

Provide strategies to reduce clients' waiting time.

Set realistic goals based on detailed analytics.

Decrease Call Drops with Our Solution

When subscribers are left on hold for too long, they lose their patience and drop the call. So, this leads to reducing clients calling the center. Nectar Desk’s queue makes sure that the person on hold will immediately be on call with the next free agent. Due to automatic call distribution, you can maintain coordination and fulfillment.

When clients are on call with their respective agents, they get the answers to their complaints faster. This way there is an increase in subscriber fulfillment. However, clients start to lose patience when the call facility keeps forwarding calls to other liaisons without any substantial answers. Moreover, Advanced Queue History allows to set up real-time notifications and monitoring of key metrics. It will provide effective management of queues and swift resolution of issues.

Ways to Manage ACD Call Center Queue

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