Advanced Queue History

Advanced Queue History

 Analyze Historic Queue Performances

 See outcome and notes on every queue call

 See outcome and notes on every queue call

Before delving into the functionings of call center queues it is important to understand its mechanics: which is a queue of callers waiting on hold to speak to a liaison. To attend to these callers on time and reduce hold time, call centers invest in methods and tools to work towards reducing the caller wait time as much as possible.

In order to please subscribers, it is important to cut short the amount of their time on hold prior to talking with a liaison.


It is important for the growth of an establishment to fulfill the subscribers that take initiative to the particular call center. The call center queue should be divided in such a way that all the subscribers do not wait for a long time before getting on a call with an liaison.

Decrement in call drops

When subscribers are left on hold for too long, they lose their patience and drop the call which reduces subscriber calling in the center. Nectar Desk call facility queue makes sure that the person on hold is immediately on call with the next free liaison. Through automatic call distribution, coordination and fulfillment are maintained.

Increment in problem-solving

When subscribers are on call with their respective liaison, they get the answers to their complaints faster. This way there is an increase in subscriber fulfillment. Subscribers start to lose patience when the call facility keep forwarding calls to other liaisons without any substantial answers.

Some ways to manage ACD call center queue are:

  • Use a feature which allows the caller to drop the call and wait for the liaison to ring them back.
  • Use interactive voice systems which allow the subscriber to get an automated answer. This system will come in handy when subscribers do not want to waste time in the queue at all.
  • Settings should be managed properly so that the automatic call distribution happens in a systematic and efficient way.
  • Call liaisons should be encouraged to manage their queues and handle it accordingly.
  • The facility should have a good amount of liaisons so that the queue is as short as possible.
  • The call liaison should be provided with adequate facilities to fulfill their needs so that they can handle and manage calls without any problem.
  • Companies can research and implement software that allows the call distribution to be more efficient and fulfilling.

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