Here’s How Activities Work

Do you need to call back the client in a few days, or send them a text message or email later on, but are afraid you’ll forget? It’s no longer a problem as we have a feature Activities. It’s a kind of friendly reminder. Therefore, you can create a task such as a call, SMS, or email and complete it in time.

To create a new manual activity follow these steps. First of all, you need to go to the Activities section – Main List and press on “Add New Activity“. Then select the Activity Owner. If you select “Everyone”, the activity will be visible for all the users in your account. Meantime, once you select the specific agent – he/she will be the one responsible for this activity.

With the help of automated activities, an activity for the selected call type will be created automatically. For example, once there is an abandoned call. It can automatically appear in the Activities section so you’ll be able to claim it to yourself. So, it means that you’ll be responsible for this call. Once the call is claimed – it appears as Pending Activity at the top of the screen.

Optimize workflow with time management.

Centralize tasks and improve teamwork.

Track interactions and resolve issues in time.

Gain insights into performance metrics.

Assign tasks and deadlines within the team.

Provide efficiency in completing tasks.

Increase Productivity with Nectar Desk

Nowadays it’s so important to keep things under control and deal with numerous tasks in time. With Nectar Desk Activities, you will never forget to make a vital call to your partners, send an SMS to the client, or update customers via email. We will obviously remind you to do this in time. Also, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools. They help to optimize task management and collaboration. So, your team will be able to work more efficiently than ever before. Try over 50 features with a free trial.

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