VCA (Virtual Customer Assistant)

Enables callers to complete tasks by navigating menus using their keypads

Handles various scenarios

Increases the amount of customers and improves company performance and profits

A virtual customer assistant is a Nectar Desk option that assists both agents and customers.

Nowadays VCAs are widely used in a variety of technologies, from electronic informational kiosks to business phone systems. At Nectar Desk VCA is situated on the frontlines of a company’s customer service strategy. It is designed to help customers who call your company and look for an answer to their question.

What is VCA at Nectar Desk?

VCA is a system that enables callers to complete tasks by navigating menus using their keypads. It handles various scenarios and in case it’s set up properly, VCA can immensely increase the number of customers and improve company performance and profits.

Once the clients reach your call center by phone, VCA provides them with the available options to press due to the required use case. For example, they can be сonnected to the necessary department, speak to the live agent if they have any specific questions, leave a voicemail, request a callback and much more. This helps the Call Center to keep call volume under the control and satisfy clients’ needs.

Benefits for your Call Center

Except for the numerous pros for the clients, VCA also helps your business to grow.

  • It helps you to control call metrics, understanding how effectively your Interactive Voice Response is in helping to solve your customers’ problems. You can give as many options to press for callers as you need, and when they push one of those, they can go down to other derivative submenus.
  • Interactive Voice Responses almost universally include introductory messages identifying the company that the caller has reached. These messages can be great opportunities for promoting your brand and making people know more about the services you provide.
  • You can always use Text-to-Speech for your welcome message, but we also support human-sounding instead of “robotic” voice, so you just need to upload the recordings to your account and your customers will hear it once calling you. Every number in the Nectar Desk account can have a unique IVR with its own recording.
  • Thanks to Virtual Customer Assistant you can make different announcements to your clients, inform them about payment processing, appointments, and much other stuff.
  • Our system is based on the smart call routing, which distributes your calls to the required Ring Groups or specific agents with the possibility to set up waiting time, welcome message, Business Hours, voicemail box, forwarding to external phone number, setting up Call Queue and many other efficient options.

VCA is a really good choice 

Our systems are super easy to use. Nectar Desk VCA is so smart that it can easily simplify your workflow and save your time. Choose Nectar Desk and experience numerous benefits on your own 🙂

VCA which is available worldwide

We offer our VCA services in more than 60 countries with the best price you can possibly find in the market. Some governments have restrictions and limitations, and we do respect laws and comply with every one of them.

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