Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Here’s How Unlimited Concurrent Calls Work


Slow down blocked calls using Nectar Desk with boundless simultaneous calls and blocked calls will not intercept your company performance. So, this function guarantees that you can grow easily without a bad influence on clients. Get maximum customer and service benefits without paying a hefty price to ensure consistency and efficiency among your team. In the process, save time, as well as, money and avoid blocked calls problems.

Nectar Desk enables you to exchange an infinite number of concurrent calls without adversely affecting call standards. Despite multiple telephones functioning at the same time, all calls will go smoothly taking the stress away. Especially, when calling flow increases in peak periods. 

Handle a larger volume of customer inquiries.

Increase productivity and streamline workflow.

Reduce customers' time spent in queues.

Ensure full capacity during peak periods.

Reach out to more potential customers.

Manage various communication channels.

Optimize Your Working Performance

Instead of a series of numbers to meet your call inflow needs, a hunting line is enough to aptly route all your calls. If you want variation, breakdown numbers by departments internally to promote security. Also, one number will be enough to send the caller to the necessary place to get what they need and want. With this, the standard of your calls and the issues of calls being blocked with a growth in calls is a non-issue.

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