Assign unique extensions to each agent

 Route extensions to Agent-external phone number or SIP

Virtual extensions, commonly known as virtual numbers, access numbers, and direct inward dialings (DID) are phone numbers without being associated directly with a telephone or landline connection.

The Nectar Desk call center feature is exclusive to Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) business solutions, the primary purpose of these numbers is to forward calls to another phone number and function in the role of a gateway between the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) call network, call center sips, and VOIP systems.

Free hosting

We provide a completely free Private Branch Exchange hosted system for your phones. Your company will have its own telephone network in its call center sips. It supports a variety of different lines and channels like analog, VOIP, and ISDN.

Incoming calls

Our system can forward calls through virtual extensions to any home or cell phone number. It also supports SIP and VOIP networks. It is also compatible with VOIP service providers and call center software. You have the benefit of unlimited call time for inbound minutes.

Outgoing calls

Although they are commonly used for forwarding incoming calls, virtual phone numbers can also send outbound calls. You will require a softphone for this. We also have our very own Virtual Phone Number app for Android and iOS phones which are compatible call center software. Use it to make calls from your virtual number through your smartphone.

Easy to use

Our systems are super easy to use. They require no installation or maintenance. You do not have to work or pay to physically install and start operating them. Since they are not based on the internet, you will save costs for network and data usage. We charge you on a monthly basis and you do not have to be tied by a contract.

Worldwide Network

We offer our services in more than 60 countries with the best price you can possibly find in the market. Some governments have restrictions and limitations, and we do respect laws and comply with every one of them.

Voice quality

Calls through our Nectar Desk virtual phone number extensions have an excellent voice quality. These calls are not sent through the internet so they have the speed and clarity you need. A direct line and a call center sip connect everything and you will not have to go through any problems in the quality of your calls.

Free features

You have the options of a free voicemail, blacklist, notifications, fax, recording, routing, conference calls, playback, cell phone app, detailed call history, 24/7 customer care, caller ID, call waiting, queue, voice menus and much more such features for free.