Desktop Notifications

Desktop Notifications

You dont need to have Nectar Desk tab open to receive calls

Be notified on Incoming Call or Live Chat

It is better to receive notifications while working so that you can get started on the task as soon as possible. Through desktop notifications, you will be able to do so. This feature pops up notifications on your desktop screen to notify you immediately.

You will be provided with a variety of options on whether to close what you’re doing, work on another browser or do your work and use Nectar Desk simultaneously.


If you have turned on desktop notifications feature, you will receive an audio and visual notice about a call.  You will be at no risk of missing call despite being caught up on something else. The software will open immediately after you pick up the call.

You can also look at the caller information before picking up the call.  The desktop notification will not stop or crash other websites you’re working on.


The desktop notification is perfect to be more productive and efficient in your work. Without missing a call, you will be able to communicate with the customer and provide the necessary information.

Since you can use other websites while using Nectar Desk, you will be able to complete several works at once without having to compromise all your time at Nectar Desk. You will complete more work at a time and will be able to do good in all fields.


The desktop notification also comes to use when you are distracted and are in chances to miss a call. You will not have to be paranoid about missing a call since you will hear it loud and clear when a call comes. Customers will be satisfied when their issue is addressed without a delay.

You will be able to receive calls without having to open Nectar Desk all the time.

Without having to give up much, you will be able to qualify in your task and provide satisfactory results.