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Multiple Agents Calling Campaign

Multiple agents initiating the same campaign simultaneously
Initiate calls based on a contact list
Forget about copying and pasting to the Dial Pad clients’ phone numbers to call them – our system will do it for you

Nectar Desk Multiple Agents Calling Campaigns can be created by the Administrator of Nectar Desk Account.
They are used to initiate calls based on a contact list so that you shouldn’t copy and paste to the Dial Pad clients’ phone numbers to call them.
After creating a contact list you will be able to start calling campaigns simultaneously with your colleagues.

How to set up a new campaign

We at Nectar Desk are doing our best to make the system easy and convenient for your usage. And the campaign set up is easy as ABC as well, so you can set it up within five minutes, uploading the contact list and choosing the required options.

Learn more about the campaign setup

Two available dialing methods

The two available dialing methods for the campaign are Auto Dialing and Manual Dialing.

In the case of selecting auto-dialing, the Nectar Desk system will dial numbers from the contact list automatically one by one.

The manual dialing method means that you need to hit the ‘Dial’ button manually every time to make a call.

Why we advise choosing the Multiple Agents Calling Campaign

You can be the only agent who runs the campaign or there can be multiple agents initiating it at the same time. Our system won’t display the contacts you’ve already dialed to other agents so there won’t be any mess up and your clients won’t be dialed twice – a very useful feature for Call centers.

If you want to learn more about the multiple agents calling campaign to optimize the efficiency of your call center, start a free trial right now!