Multi-Queue Real Time Dashboard

Multi-Queue Real Time Dashboard

Here’s How Multi-Queue Real Time Dashboard Works

A call wait or virtual wait is a common feature of the Nectar Desk inbound call center dashboard. Most of them are made to delay calls and pass them to another liaison. An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is used to accomplish this in a virtual call center. You can put a caller on wait as long as you want unless he hangs up.

Call waits are used in a number of Nectar Desk virtual call center concepts. The obvious one is to make people wait as you run out of liaisons to answer them. The liaisons also find this to be comfortable, as they can take calls in a series. Talking to one person at a time is also more effective than receiving multiple calls at a time. Our multi-queue real time dashboard solution lets you create a waitlist by assigning it to a virtual number. A virtual number is an access option that is unassociated with a telecommunication line, hence the only purpose of the number is to pass an incoming call to another connection. You can also name the wait list and specify the ring timeout i.e. the time after which the phone automatically hangs up.

Get real-time visibility into multiple queues.

Identify queues with high call volumes easily.

Allow supervisors to adjust queue settings.

Quickly respond to calls with instant notifications.

Customize the dashboard to display agent KPIs.

Centralize queue monitoring and management.

Utilize all Advantages of Queue Dashboard

You can use different queuing methods to assign calls in your call center dashboard. The first one, called the Hunt Random Start, let’s Nectar Desk randomly select a liaison, meaning every available liaison is equally likely to get a call. The next one, called the Ring All, makes Nectar Desk ring every unoccupied liaison so whoever picks it up first gets to talk to the caller. The final one, called the Prioritized Hunt, is perhaps the best option for you. Calls are sent to liaisons in the order you set, thus the best ones speak to your client first, and only if they are busy, the others get to do so. This is a clever strategy that helps you get the most of your better liaisons.

Nectar Desk also lets you modify your options for calls in a wait. Consider the following, you may choose what happens if a call is not picked up by a liaison or does not get answered. You may want to leave a voicemail, program a callback, or simply hang up the telephone call. The “Other Options” tab also lets you leave an introduction, play music, or even advertise during the hold. On the “liaisons” division, you can add and remove members who pick up the rings. Nectar Desk allows you to obtain advanced characteristics and other premium content to boost up your dashboard.

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