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If you’re running the Messaging Campaign, you might face with the spam detection issue when the recipients’ carriers block the incoming texts. In our last article, we’ve prepared useful tips on how to avoid it. Today we’re going to present you one more option to make sure all your SMS messages will be delivered to your customers – Powerpack.

What is Powerpack?

The US and Canada heavily regulate SMS messages sent using regular 10-digit phone numbers (long codes). Long codes, however, remain the medium of choice for businesses who wish to engage with their customers via SMS. The familiarity that long codes lend to a conversation, their price advantage, and the easy procurement process make long codes a natural choice for most end-users.

Powerpack makes SMS communication using long codes effective and reliable at scale. It is designed to meet large scale SMS throughput and volume requirements. By automatically distributing your overall SMS traffic across a pool of source numbers, Powerpack keeps you compliant with per day and per second throughput limits as defined by the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association).

Moreover, using the feature, your SMS won’t be marked as spam by carriers.

What are the Powerpack functions?

  • Number Pooling: Powerpack intelligently distributes your outbound SMS traffic over a pool of source numbers to optimize your overall SMS volumes.
  • Sticky Sender: Sticky Sender helps maintain a single thread of conversation by always sending messages to the subscriber from the same source number in the pool.
  • Local Connect: Local Connect helps prioritize phone numbers in the pool that belong to the region and/or area code of the subscriber.
  • Number Pool Refresh: Powerpack keeps your pool of numbers healthy by automatically replacing phone numbers that have a poor delivery rate.
  • Auto Traffic Distribution: Powerpack evenly distributes your outbound SMS traffic across the available phone numbers in your number pool.
  • Source Number Queueing: A dedicated rate-limiting queue per source number ensures that you never exceed the per number message sending rates applicable in the US and Canada.

How much does it cost?

Powerpack is FREE.

At Nectar Desk, we don’t require an additional payment for the Powerpack functionality. You just need to pay per phone numbers which will be used by Powerpack.

The information we need to provide you with the Powerpack:

To set up the option for your Messaging Campaign we need to know:

  • a number of contacts you want to send the Messaging Campaign to;
  • country and area codes of the phone numbers. You may have a pool of international and local phone numbers;
  • which functions you would like to use.

Nectar Desk team will set up Powerpack for your account and provide you with the ID. Powerpack ID should be pasted under Messaging Campaign Settings.


To run the Messaging Campaign using this option, please send the email to our support team at [email protected] or use the live chat bubble at this page chatand we’ll be glad to do the setup.

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