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In today’s world, there are no borders for companies. It is thanks to the internet and other tech improvements. Therefore, businesses can reach out to customers all over the globe and get new possibilities. A smart step to enter into a new market is getting international phone numbers.

Businesses get local numbers in different countries with international phone numbers. Thus, it makes the communication process much more easier. People prefer to dial a local number rather than worry about the troubles and costs of an international call.

Besides, it is more convenient and easier for anyone to keep in touch with your business from anywhere around the world. It can be when someone wants to get info on products, needs help with something they bought, or just has general questions. Therefore, these international phone numbers allow customers to stay in touch businesses no matter where they are.


  • People are much more trusting when they see local numbers. In this way, your call center will increase customer loyalty.
  • Companies can conquer global markets and provide flexibility for anyone who wants to keep in touch.
  • The process of choosing an international phone number is easy. You just need to find a good provider and gain all the benefits.

What is an International Phone Number?

An international phone number is a telephone number that is used to make calls between different countries. Typically, it has a few parts:

  • International Call Prefix: This is the number you dial to initiate an international call from your country. It depends on the country (e.g., 011 in the United States and Canada, 00 in most European countries).

  • Country Code: A unique numerical code of each country (e.g., 1 for the United States and Canada, 44 for the United Kingdom).

  • National Destination Code (NDC): This is typically the area code or mobile network code within the country.

Why Businesses Need International Numbers?

Companies need international phone numbers for different reasons. But, the main one is to grow globally. With these numbers, you can reach out and connect with people in new places all over the world. Thus, you can make an extensive database of prospects and convert them into qualified leads.

Moreover, when customers see a local number, they think the company is right in their country. So, this builds trust and makes customers more loyal to your service.

When a business has an international phone number, it shows the readiness to welcome customers from anywhere. Take into consideration that it is vital for industries like traveling or online shopping.

Key Benefits of International Phone Numbers

An international phone number gives a lot of new opportunities for companies. First of all, it lets enter the global market without need to set up shop physically in various places. Thus, they save on costs and effort but still offer service everywhere.

Secondly, businesses also get their customers’ trust easier. A local number makes them feel confident that they do not deal with scammers. Additionally, customers don’t have to stress about extra fees for calling another country.

The last thing, this kind of phone number means companies can offer great customer service across different time zones. So, your clients don’t have to figure out when’s the right time to call.

1. Building a Global Presence

Growing a business around the world might seem tricky, but getting an international phone number can make it easier. Because companies can feel more at home there. This helps them get into local markets and talk to customers like they’re neighbors.

With a local phone number, customers from other places will likely trust you more. They’ll see that you really want to meet their needs and get how things work where they live. This is vital for businesses wanting to increase the number of customers and sales. So, companies unlock new chances for doing well all over the world.

2. Increasing Customer Trust and Loyalty

A good trick to get customer trust is to get a local phone number. When people see a company with a familiar number, they better make contact. It’s also simpler for clients to keep in touch with the business. They don’t have to stress about extra costs from international calling or think about language issues. This makes great customers experience and more likely you will build long-lasting relationships with them. Because they see that the company cares about their comfort and wants to offer great service.

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Types of International Phone Numbers

Businesses have a few choices when it comes to picking international phone numbers. Everything depends on what they need. 

First of all, there’s the geographic number. It links to a certain area or city. So, this is a perfect choice for companies aiming to make their mark in a specific place.

On the other side, we’ve got non-geographic numbers. These aren’t attached to any particular location. They are great for businesses spreading their wings nationally or globally keeping one contact number everywhere.

Additionally, there are toll-free numbers, which customers love. They can call the business without being charged. This is especially handy for customer service and helps in keeping overseas clients happy.

Geographic Vs. Non-Geographic Numbers

Numbers for phones come in two main types. Each with its own benefits and is best suited for different kinds of businesses.

With geographic numbers, businesses link themselves with a certain area or city. This is perfect for companies aiming to build a local vibe in specific places. When people from that region see the number, they instantly feel better because it’s an area code they recognize. Stores you can walk into or businesses that do their work face-to-face consider these numbers really handy.

On the other side, non-geographic numbers aren’t attached to any place in particular. This setup works great for firms looking to keep their phone identity uniform across different areas. Companies entering the global market like using them. They offer customers everywhere the same experience when calling up—no matter where they are calling from! These types of numbers fit well with enterprises providing services remotely.

Toll-Free Numbers: What You Need to Know

Some companies prefer toll-free numbers. Especially those that put a lot of emphasis on helping their customers. With these numbers, people are able to call the company for free. In that case, businesses pick up all expenses.

For customer service lines, help desks, and support teams, toll-free numbers are common practice. They help to set up communication with customers. Thus, they can easily contact the business whenever there’s an issue or question. Such toll-free numbers are particularly important for companies focused on delivering top-notch customer support.

Beginner’s Guide How to Get International Phone Numbers

Getting international phone numbers might sound tough, but it’s actually pretty straightforward if you know some steps to follow. Here’s a simple guide for beginners:

  • Figure out what you need: Think about your business and decide which countries are important for you to reach. This step helps in focusing on getting the right international phone number. You can consider Nectar Desk provider, it offers local and toll-free international numbers in more than 100 countries. Choose the area code, the type of the number, and the region easily with our user-friendly interface.
  • Choose a good service provider: Look for one that gives you access to phone numbers in those specific countries. You should look at their prices, what features they offer, and how well they help their customers.
  • Select your numbers: Pick the international phone numbers based on things like area codes and whether they’re available or not.
  • Setup everything: Work with your chosen company to get a new system ready or integrate these global numbers into an existing setup.
  • Test your numbers: Keep an eye on how well calls are going through. So, you can make any necessary adjustments to improve communication with customers.

    international phone numbers

Step 1: Choosing the Right Service Provider

  • Start by doing some homework on different companies that provide these services. Look at what they offer, their prices, what other customers say about them, and how well-known they are. 
  • Keep the previous information in mind. Then, check if the company has phone numbers in the countries where you want to do your business. Make sure they have enough options to meet your needs. 
  • Think about the virtual phone system itself. See if it comes with all the necessary features and tools for your communication needs. For instance, Nectar Desk provides useful 50+ features, such as advanced analytics, interactive voice response, voicemail drop, call queues, and many others. Besides, the best thing is that you can try them for free.
  • It’s important to know how good their help team is. Aim for a provider who has 24/7 support and can answer questions quickly and effectively.
  • Pay attention to pricing plans and see if there are any changes or growth within those plans. You should understand what will be waiting for you in the future.

Step 2: Selecting Your International Phone Numbers

  • Find out which countries are on your list. This step helps narrow down your selection of international phone numbers.
  • For each country you’re interested in, take some time to look into their area codes. Get familiar with these codes and understand what they mean for different regions.
  • Before making any decisions, see if the desired phone numbers are available in those countries. Some area codes can be really popular, it’s better to check this early.
  • Now choose the international phone numbers that fit your business needs and who you’re going to talk to. Think about things like how easy the number is for people to recognize.
  • If there’s a chance you’ll prosper in more places later, consider keeping these international numbers in advance.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Phone System

Getting a phone system ready is a key point when you want to include international numbers in your working performance. A virtual international phone number and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), can help to make your business known worldwide. You will be able to talk to customers from different countries without cell phones and wires.

You should choose a provider that gives lots of options for countries and area codes. So, it’s easier to seem local in the places where you’re trying to reach people. After finding the right provider, sign up with them and choose desire the international numbers.

Then, set up your new system. Don’t forget to arrange call forwarding and voicemail due to your needs. Lastly, link this virtual setup with devices like mobile phones or computers. Thus, you can begin making calls with those global numbers.

Step 4: Integrating International Numbers into Your Business Operations

After you’ve got your international phone numbers ready, add them to the ways you already communicate. For instance, with incoming calls from these numbers, you can direct them straight to certain teams or people who are just right for handling those calls. Make sure that you have added numbers on your website and customers can easily make a call to you.

All these things help set up a strong presence in the global market. Moreover, it also opens doors to new places where you could take your business.

Increase the Potential of Your International Phone Numbers

Let’s talk about the mixed use of international phone numbers. So, you can add numbers to your marketing strategies. Create ads or flyers with them, and people from other countries will be interested in them and decide to call you directly.

In addition, an international number is not only useful for attracting customers from all over the world. It also helps everyone in your company communicate better with each other. If each team or department has a dedicated number, keeping in touch—no matter where someone is—is much easier.

So, your business can take full advantage of having an international number or more on hand. You won’t only improve your marketing efforts but also improve conversations within the company itself.

Strategies for Effective International Communication

  • Remember there are differences in timing between where you are and where your customers live. Plan meetings and when you’re available to chat. This is definitely that everyone finds it convenient.
  • Use technology like video calls and messaging apps. You will be able to talk to people face-to-face or quickly send messages. Moreover, it is no matter how far apart you are.
  • Train your team, including lessons on understanding different cultures and languages. As a result, they will better understand what international customers need.
  • Utilize translation services. In this way, nothing gets lost in translation when talking to your overseas clients.

Utilize International Numbers for Marketing Campaigns

  • Include your international numbers in marketing campaigns, especially in online ads. You make it easy for people from other countries to get in touch with you.
  • With call tracking software, keeping an eye on incoming calls. This will let you see how well your ads are working. This info is great for tweaking things to get better results.
  • Offer deals or discounts to people who use those international numbers. Such approach can encourage more of them to make you a call. So, this potentially will boost your sales.

Common Challenges and Solutions with International Phone Numbers

Taking your business worldwide with international phone numbers isn’t always easy. Here’s a look at some common troubles and how to cope with them:

  • With the high costs linked to traditional international calling, it can get pretty pricey. On the other side, if you go for a virtual phone system and tap into VoIP technology, you’ll save a bunch and get deals on international call rates.
  • Every country plays by its own rules regarding international phone numbers. To avoid any legal violations, it’s important to to get to know more about them. Therefore, consult with lawyers or local officials and don’t run into fines or other troubles.
  • There can be technical issues that might occur as a result of using this tech-savvy approach. In a such cases contact with customer support from your provider. They will help to figure out and fix all issues


Growing your business around the world can be easy when you use international phone numbers. In a such way, you will get trust and loyalty from customers. Moreover, your business will be able to establish a strong presence globally without much trouble. Make communication strategies to increase efforts and achieve them. Also, you have an effective guide how to choose a reliable provider. So, we belive that you will follow these steps and reach prosperity. Keep in mind that adding international numbers your workflow leads to more ways to connect with customers and make them happy.

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