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international phone number

What is an International Phone Number?

An international phone number is a telephone number used to place calls between different countries. It consists of several parts: the international access code (or exit code) for the country from which the call is being made, the country code of the destination country, the national destination code (such as an area or mobile code), and the local subscriber number. These components provide that the call is routed correctly to reach the intended recipient in another country.

Gain All Advantages from an International Phone Number

Break Boundaries &
Reach Customers Anywhere

An international phone number allows companies to easily connect with clients in different countries. It’s a fact that people respond better to familiar local numbers. This familiarity helps businesses build trust, loyalty, and increase customer satisfaction. So, it is a great chance for companies to enter new markets and get wide opportunities around the world.

international phone number
international phone number

Efficiently Optimize Your Expenses with Nectar Desk

It isn’t a secret that international calls are much more expensive. But, an international phone number lets use local numbers in different countries. Thus, you don’t have to pay high fees for your calls. It can even reduce the need for multiple international offices or call centers.

Look No Further than Nectar Desk

Adding to a phone number with your trial, Nectar Desk includes a complete set of features to help run your business:

But that’s not all. Nectar Desk is on the cutting edge of technology. We provide an analytics dashboard that will save you money and help better utilize your staff. In addition, our CRM integration capabilities allow you to leverage tools like Zendesk, Active Campaign, Pipedrive, and Teamwork Desk to better your business. Comparing us to other call center software providers like Five9 and Aircall will clearly show Nectar Desk is the best solution for an international phone number.

So What are You Waiting for? 

Get started with Nectar Desk today and transform your business.

Three More Reasons to Choose Nectar Desk

We fulfill our mission by delivering the most simple, intelligent Cloud-Based Phone System Solution in the world.

Even more than
Call Center Software

We provide you with all of the standard features you expect from a Call Center Software: IVR, Extensions, Call Recordings, Local and Toll Free numbers, and more

Really Useful

There is unlimited value in knowing every aspect of your call performance. We show you data that lets you get to know your call stats like the back of your hand.

24/7 Support

You don’t need to pay extra to be treated like royalty. Our support ninjas team is available for you any moment you may need them.

Nectar Desk – Advanced Phone System the Way It Should Be

We have built Nectar Desk with a simple belief in mind – don’t charge clients before they try and are happy with the product, Make it very simple to use, and keep all customer interaction under one roof. We invite you to give Nectar Desk a chance to show you how our Cloud Calling software can change the way your clients are treated.

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FAQs about International Phone Numbers