Auto Call Answer

Increase telephone outreach

Automatically answer the calls once they enter the system

Save time – you don’t have to hit the “Answer” button to answer the call

With the Nectar Desk Auto Call Answer option the agents may automatically answer the calls once they enter the system. This is a very useful way of call answering in case it is not possible to be distracted to accept the call.
Nectar Desk system will automatically pick up your incoming call when your status is Available. You don’t have to click the answering button to handle the call.

Easy to use

Nectar Desk Auto Call Answer has some simple steps and it’s easy to use. The option allows you to attend the call whenever you are busy and you don’t have time to hit the “Answer” button.

Why you should try this feature

Auto Call Answer is an extremely convenient feature for the Call Centers, where it’s important to answer the incoming calls quickly as it avoids clients from long waiting time prior to the conversation with the agent.
One more immense advantage of the auto answering is that the less is Average Answering Time, the better is Analytics and the level of customer satisfaction with your service.

Setup hints

In order to enable Auto Call Answer option, please open Settings in your Nectar Desk account and go to General, scroll down to see the “Incoming Call” section and choose “Yes” near Auto Answer. Now, once a Call Notification pop-up window appears when you receive an inbound call, it will be automatically answered and the agent will have a talk with the client without wasting time on pressing the “Answer” button. Easy as ABC 🙂

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