SMS Alerts

Text alerts help business boast a 99% open rate. With an SMS service like Nectar Desk Mobile Text Alerts on your side, your messages will never be unnoticed once again.

SMS Marketing

Text Marketing Service builds warm relationships with your contacts

It doesn’t matter whether you forward SMS messages for marketing aims, sales events, discounts, coupons, updates, or notifications. With Nectar Desk SMS features your marketing campaigns will be held easier, more successful and touching a larger number of contacts.

Advertise efficiently, use appropriate text messaging for your marketing activities.

SMS Promotions

SMS promotions are the future. A great many time-consuming and personalized tasks can be handled quicker by integrating an SMS marketing service for corporate demands.

The expertise of SMS promotion utilizing shortcode ensures all customers have a complete access to business online presence.

SMS Reminders

Nectar Desk SMS Reminders will help you reduce lost appointments and company revenue. It assures all customers will be informed about any occasion timely.

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