Use Nectar Desk as a Smooch alternative

Price Comparison for unlimited messages

145$+ per month

limit on messages

Nectar Desk
49$+ per month

unlimited messages

Save  at least 1152 / year

If you are looking for a great omnichannel helpdesk alternative to Smooch, look no further than Nectar Desk.

Nectar Desk’s omnichannel messaging platform is a complete helpdesk solution not only including messengers channels but as well full featured VOIP Call Center Solution , SMS Helpdesk and

Now you can know when a call was made and listen to it at any time.

Your agents lives will also be made easier all the communication channels will be under single interface: Messengers, Phone, SMS, Live Chat and Emails

One of the Main advantage in using Nectar Desk compare to is that you dont need to work on any integration, we give you ready to go platform which can be fully deployed and ready to go in 5 minutes.

At this moment our Messaging Platform is in Beta with next channels:

  • Whatsapp Helpdesk
  • Facebook Messenger Helpdesk
  • Viber Helpdesk
  • Telegram Helpdesk

Get started today. Join Nectar Desk and reap the benefits of world class messaging platform

Use Nectar Desk as a Smooch alternative


We support all teams, be it one agent or over one hundred. No matter how large or small your team is, we guarantee you unlimited messages, unlimited channels, our top level of software performance as well as access to features you will be delighted with.

Nectar Desk


Price  from $49/user/mo from $145
Unlimited Channels  
Unlimited Messages  
Voip Platform  
Advanced Agent Analytics  
Custom API Integration    

Nectar Desk price comparison chart


No matter how large or small your team is, be it one agent or over one hundred you can take advantage of all the features in our solution.

Basic Voice

Advanced Phone Functionality
For Support Teams and Call Centers

$ 29

Per Month, Per Agent

Unlimited Inbound Local Calls*

Advanced Call Center Functionality


Click-to call

Real Time Dashboards

Screen Pop

24/5 Phone/Chat/Email Support

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Phone + SMS + Chat + Email.
Complete Helpdesk for Teams

$ 49

Per Month, Per Agent


All features of Basic Plan

Live Chat

Email / Ticketing Helpdesk

Unlimited Agents

Unlimited Queues


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PowerDialer + Multi-Channel.
Unlimited Calling. Ideal for Sales Teams

$ 99

Per Month, Per Agent


All features of Multi-Channel

Power Dialer

All you can call




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Including Credits and Phone Number to test Phone Calls.
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