Nectar Desk + Salesforce

Best Phone System and Call Center Software for Salesforce CRM


Nectar Desk delivers comprehensive call center software that can be set up in minutes and will be a great integration to your Salesforce account.

The integration will improve your customer service and outcomes. Scroll down and take your call center to the next level together with Nectar Desk and Salesforce integration.

Salesforce integration

Keep all your customer data in one single database.

Sync contact information and call logs automatically.

Forget about always switching between different tabs.

Track customer interactions with advanced analytics.

Full Contact Center Functionality Inside Salesforce.

Salesforce is great CRM software that allows you to reduce busy work, continuously optimize project schedules and budgets, and make decisions based on real-time data. This application provides users with features to manage customer accounts, track sales leads, conduct and monitor marketing campaigns, and provide service post-sale with ease. Thanks to the integration with Nectar Desk, Salesforce users boost their work productivity and perform much more efficiently.

Salesforce integration

Make Calls & Send Text Messages Directly From Your Salesforce Account

Integrating Nectar Desk with Salesforce will simplify your work. You can call customers worldwide directly from Salesforce using the Nectar Desk Click-to-Call Extension. If you want to make a call, just press the button next to the contact’s phone number. Our system will dial the number automatically. 

Automatically Log Your Calls & SMS Into Salesforce in a Few Seconds

Your calls and SMS are automatically logged in Salesforce and Nectar Desk as a note in just a few seconds. This lets you review details and see the results of conversations, including: 
Salesforce integration

Integrate Your Accounts With a Consumer Key

Nectar Desk and Salesforce prioritize your convenience. Both platforms are easy to use and there is no need to download multiple apps. Just have accounts in Nectar Desk and Salesforce. Integration takes a few minutes using an API key. Additionally, our friendly support team is available to help you at every step.

Integrate Nectar Desk with
Salesforce Right Now

Integrating Salesforce and Nectar Desk lets users automatically log every call and SMS into the CRM as notes right after they’re made or sent. Incoming calls can show caller information from Salesforce. You can also add “Create Contact,” “Create Deal,” and “Add Deal Note” buttons on the dial pad to create Salesforce contacts directly from Nectar Desk.

Watch the video and find out how to integrate Salesforce with the Nectar Desk account.

Take Your Call Center to the Next Level with Nectar Desk Integrations

You can get your Nectar Desk account with 50+ features & integrations for just $50 per month!

We don`t charge any extra payment for integrations or additional features.