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Nectar Desk Offers Progressive Call Center Chat

Drive your customer service with live chat

Dynamically involve clients on your website

Monitor call center performance

Nectar Desk recognizes that real-time chats help businesses in closing deals faster. The call center chat software enables agents and clients to build personal relationships.

The embedded features like Click to Video, Click to Chat, click to Call gives clients the freedom to choose the best way to get in touch with the customer support team. With this call center chat agent can communicate with clients anywhere, everywhere and on any device.

Call Center Chat Advantages

First-Contact Resolution

Chatting is increasingly becoming a vital tool for streamlining communications and ensuring clients enjoy resolution at first contact. With that in mind, Nectar Desk has built a customer-centric live chat system that connects clients to the company seamlessly.

Omnichannel Support

The call center chat service has omnichannel support capabilities. So, agents can pull up previous conversations with social media, SMS, and email. Nectar Desk builds value on chats by integrating the chat feature with other client support services such as CRM.

Fast, Efficient & Instant Service

The chat tool increases lead conversion rates as they can get immediate help. Additionally, the call center software can assist agents to know the type of prospect they’re handling via the intuitive platform.

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