Preview Dialer

 Automatically dial your contact’s list

 Dial up to 80 numbers per hour

 Analyze performance of your sales reps in Calling campaigns

Preview the Contact Before Auto Dialing Them


Preview dialers are vital when you are dealing with highly fragile and volatile leads. While preview dialing takes time, the chance of converting more than 50% of the leads called are high. The personal touch that this type of dialing adds to a conversion is what it can convince a prospect.

Core Benefits of Preview Dialers

Reduces the number of abandoned call as agents have valuable data about leads at their palms

Agents place calls via the auto dialer software armed with great insights about the customer thus increasing conversion rates

Individualized attention to calls improves overall customer gratification

Agent has full control of the dialing process

This is an outbound solution provides an easier way of handling complex leads

How Preview Dialer Operates


  • It populates the screen with a roster of leads to call
  • It blends with CRM allowing reps to extract prospect’s data
  • The rep selects the number to call
  • The dialer through auto dialer software automates the connection process
  • The rep can manually terminate the call if there is a busy signal or an answering machine
  • The predictive dialer software then registers the number of calls made and those terminated

Oversight managers can get full records of calls made, calls dropped and leads skipped during the preview process. This data is then channeled to analytic tools that will provide real-time reporting to agents showing them their performance.

Preview dialer is a dialing system that shows client’s details before the center’s reps try to make a call. It is an outbound contact center process that integrates with the database and lead generation tools to provide reps with a roster of leads to call.

Reps can ostensibly infer on the details displayed to deduce whether to call a client or not. It works hand in hand with predictive dialer software to make sure that once the agent selects a particular number, the predictive dialer automates the process of calling. When reps have valuable data about leads at their fingertips, it increases conversion rates which in turn bolsters the ROI.

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