Differentiate between the available functions for the Normal agent and Supervisor

Choose the options you want your agents to have access to

Block the ones they do not need to work with.
One account – many users.

It’s possible now to differentiate between the available functions for the Normal agent and Supervisor. Just simply mark the required options and your agents will have access to them depending on their user categories.

Let’s look deeper into the options your agents may have.

  • Create a list – this option allows the agent to create new Contact Lists in CRM.
  • Add Custom Field – thanks to this option, except the basic fields in Contact List, such as first and last name, phone number, and email address, the agent can create some additional fields prior to uploading the list to CRM (for example age/location, etc).
  • Create Email Template – useful option to create a pattern for your future emails so that you don’t need to type the email with the same text, again and again, just choose the required template and it’s ready to send.

With the help of Permissions, you can also decide if your agents should have access to the CRM tab, Call History, Integration tab, VoiceMail tab with the possibility of deleting the voicemails messages.

Moreover, you can take care of the opportunity of creating Calling Campaigns by Normal agents or Supervisors.

And do not forget to let your agents remove numbers from the DND list if needed.

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