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Business Hours

Custom Business Hours for different departments

Route calls after business hours to your cell voicemail or different number

Call Center Hours

With this feature, operations are aided with the ability to arrange receiving and forwarding calls based on your liking. You can allow certain call center hours with a prescribed calling number or numbers or the entire working team.

You will be able to custom business hours in no less than a minute and get started with your tasks. Your coworkers will be able to dedicate efforts when business hours are specified and the organization will gain from efforts.


Your team will be flexible enough to work during certain hours and receive calls during the other. They will be more productive when they are given the chance to spend enough time to complete different tasks.

Furthermore, our feature comes with holiday hour setup which comes in handy for special greets. If business hours are divided properly among the team, the center will be a 24-hour call center.

Being a 24-hour call center will make the center readily available to urgent customers.

Modifiable and Flexible Call Center Hours

If you are to receive calls after your call center hours, you can modify the recourse to forward the call to your cell phone, voicemail, etc. With custom business hours no customer has to wait for a long time to receive their answers and fulfill their problems.

Customer Contentment

To ensure customer contentment to the maximum extent, you can set up greeting tunes during or after business call center hours. Customers can easily be guided to their designated number which will be advantageous for the establishment. Overall, this feature on Nectar Desk will enable you to set certain call center hours to which your customers will receive their answers without a doubt.

Your establishment’s customer base will also gradually grow if the call center provides dependable services when they need it the most.