Voicemail Drop

Voicemail Drop

Manually drop Voicemail recording as soon as you hear the “beep” sound

Save up to 30 seconds on every call you make

Set unique Voicemail recording for each agent

Looking for a Voicemail Drop software? Voicemail Drop is a power time saving tool for your team. Especially popular within sales teams who are targeting high call volume. By stats up to 7 calls out of 10 will end up in voicemail so if leaving voicemail is a part of your operational playbook you can do the math. To reduce overall number of voicemails we highly recommend not dial out using Toll free Numbers and to explore our Local Presence feature

How Voicemail Drop works

Either you are making manual, click-to-dial or Calling Campaign calls, as soon as call is connected Drop Voicemail button will appear on the dialpad. Wait for the “beep” sound and hit the button. Active Call will end and voicemail will be left on the background. You can work on your next call, no need to wait for the previous call to finish

What are use cases for this feature

Nectar Desk is a cloud based phone and communication platform, especially popular within Sales teams our Voicemail Drop feature is a life changing feature for many of them. Imagine how annoying could it be to leave the same message over and over again using your voice. Beside Sales teams we noticed popularity of this feature within Collection teams and Hiring agent.

This how your business benefits from Voicemail Drop software:

  • Increase up to 50% the amount of calls performed
  • Save up to 30 seconds on each call
  • Available on any pricing plan, no need to pay extra for this premium feature
  • Free Trial is always available for you to check this feature out


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