Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Here’s How Predictive Dialer Works

Predictive Dialer can be set up within the Automated Call Campaign. Besides, the setup is really easy and quick. Once the setup procedure is done, you need to enable the Agent Call Ratio option. As a result, Nectar Desk Predictive Dialer will automatically dial your contacts from the list. It works only in cases when an agent is available. You can be sure that your customers can be connected with the live agent to discuss their questions. Furthermore, you can set up the number of concurrent calls per the available agent. As a result, our system will dial multiple numbers at the same time to ensure maximum agent utilization.

Optimize your resources by reducing idle time.

Provide more connections with live contacts.

Use real-time analytics to track key metrics.

Measure success and optimize call strategies.

Keep sensitive information under control.

Provide agents access to customer information.

Increase Your Call Center Agents Productivity

Nectar Desk’s Predictive Dialer significantly boosts productivity. It automates the dialing process and employs advanced algorithms. All of these help to predict agent availability and call answer rates. This means that agents are connected to live calls only. Predictive Dialer effectively removes wasted time on unanswered calls, busy signals, and voicemails. Your call center agents will maximize talk time and minimize idle time. Also, it helps to handle more calls in less time. That’s why you will get higher conversion rates. Additionally, real-time analytics and reporting provide vital insights to optimize working performance. The Predictive Dialer is a better solution for large teams aiming for volume over personalization.

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