Live Chat

Live Chat

Here’s How Live Chat Works

Nectar Desk Live chat feature is a reliable help desk for your website. You can embed this function into your website. So, it gives the opportunity to chat with its visitors 24/7. Also, there is no need to use additional services and pay extra. That feature has many useful options to make chat handling easier and more efficient for the account agents.

One of the most popular among our clients is a Canned response – a predetermined response to common questions. The agent may insert a canned response triggered by adding a ” % ” symbol before and after the title. So, there is no need to type the same answer repeatedly or paste it from other resources.
Nectar Desk cares about your time and convenience, and Canned Responses are excellent proof of that.

Also, your website visitors can request a callback directly from the Live Chat window. All they need to do is to fill in the form. They should enter a name and a phone number, and press the Call me now button.

Moreover, your clients can leave you a message via Live Chat. This feature is a good solution for cases when there is no available agent at the moment and the customer wants you to reach out to him. In such cases, you’ll be notified via Nectar Desk ticket and won’t let your customer feel abandoned.

To simplify the way your customers may contact you, you can set up for them a suitable authentication method among the 3 possible variants:

  • mandatory login, when the website visitor is obliged to log in before starting the conversation;
  • mandatory login and option to initiate chat as a guest, when the visitor can either log in or start a conversation as a guest;
  • allow visitors to initiate chat as guests only.

Reduce waiting time for your call center clients.

Provide efficient round-the-clock support.

Adapt conversations based on customer data.

Handle multiple chats simultaneously.

Gain data on customer issues and preferences.

Scale live chat to increased traffic easily.

Customize Your Live Chat

It’s an open secret that your website has its own color scale, and the live chat should definitely match it. That is why our chat window title text color, chat window color itself, and chat icon color are fully customizable. So, you can choose the colors that will match your website style best. Besides, create your welcome messages. It will be displayed once the website visitor starts the conversation.

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