CRM Integrations

Efficient integration with many popular CRM solutions
Log call and SMS feature available
Click-to-Call extension to make calls from your own website or current CRM
An easy way to enter the new leads into your CRM database software


Why you need CRM solution

CRM database is a great solution for numerous spheres of business. It replaces spreadsheets, sticky notes or random note cards and helps keeping all the information about your clients in one place. Moreover, you may easily enter the new leads into your CRM database software at any time and be sure the system will store the data safely.


Nectar Desk intergates with numerous CRM solutions

Nectar Desk CRM also integrates well with many other systems and platforms you may be using.
If you have one system for contacts, for example, Pipedrive or ActiveCampaign, you will be able to merge it with Nectar Desk CRM without skipping a beat. You can import various Contact lists from your current CRM to Nectar Desk and call your clients with the possibility of leaving notes during the calls, transferring the call to any other agent or external phone number, accessing call recording and call details.

We also duplicate the information about the Organization your customer belongs to or the appropriate Deal so you could have access to them directly from your Nectar Desk account. All changes you apply at your current CRM will be places at Nectar Desk as well.

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