Calling Campaigns

The best and quickest way to reach your clients in a few clicks
List-based calling
Auto-dialing option
Ability to send follow-up tickets and extract Campaign reports


Calling Campaigns is the best and quickest way to reach your clients in a few clicks

These campaigns are usually used to initiate calls based on a contact list.
Campaigns typically include the necessary steps taken to meet a specific goal. Nectar Desk CRM will guide you starting from the first time you call the lead to closing a sale with him.


Set-up procedure

The set-up procedure is real-quick. Create or upload a contact list to the CRM, name it, choose the outbound caller ID, create a call script if needed and finally choose a dialing method. We provide our customers with two dialing methods. Using auto-dialing, the system will dial numbers from the contact list automatically one by one. Choosing manual dialing you will need to hit ‘Dial’ every time to make a call.
Both ways are extremely convenient and have numerous cons.
Request a demo with our team and we will help you to choose the one, which will match your business the most.

With Nectar Desk Calling Campaign functionality you can also:

– Send follow-up tickets to your customers within the Nectar Desk interface during the conversation or right after the call.

– Extract the detailed Campaign Report to see total contacts dialed, the agent who started the campaign, total talk time, campaign duration, the amount of successful and failed calls, calls rejected by the client and by the agent.
Get a Disposition Report to see the result of each call.

Why should you choose Nectar Desk for it?

Quite the contrary, you are encouraged to try out the software for yourself. Otherwise, both you and we would have wasted time and money, in case the CRM software for the call center does not meet your needs after you have purchased it. That is why it is utterly important to start a free trial which will give you the best idea of what the call center CRM is all about.

The trial is completely free and you will even get free onboarding support. What is more, you are not required to share any information whatsoever about your credit or debit card.

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