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Here’s How Call Control Works

Call Control eases operations such as exchanging calls, building contact lists by adding individuals, and putting the customers on the line on hold. All of this can be done while seeing far-reaching caller data. The best part is you don’t have to invest in work area telephones or on-introduce call center solutions and the call control call center will never be compromised.

The feature enables operators to perform call moves in one of two ways: warm exchanges and blind exchanges. Therefore, warm exchanges enable people to notify the following operator about the client’s issues in speaking before exchanging the call. Additionally, blind transfers, on the other hand, illustrate a quick exchange of information that happens between a call to another moderator. Access to utilizing warm or blind exchange helps companies create desirable and effective client encounters, creating call center quality monitoring.

Get a centralized hub for managing calls.

View detailed information about inbound calls.

Transfer calls to appropriate departments.

Track agent performance with advanced analytics.

Monitor calls in real-time with immediate feedback.

Streamline repetitive tasks with automation tools.

Manage Your Call Efficiently

The call control functionality not only enhances productivity but also ensures that your team can deliver a superior customer experience. Nectar Desk calls control customer service encourages coordinated effort by empowering you to include colleagues and outside visitors in calls. Additionally, you can have a virtual meeting by telephone and you do not have to go through the boring physical part of formal meetings. Experience the convenience of streamlined call handling and take control of your communication workflow with Nectar Desk.

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