Track the SMS messages you’ve sent with the help of Nectar Desk advanced SMS Analytics.

One of the key features of the company’s success is tracking the level of customers’ satisfaction. Nectar Desk solution provides its clients with numerous reports which can easily help to handle this case on the call and SMS level.
Let’s get acquainted with the SMS Analytics.

What data can you track?

Thanks to our SMS Analytics you can monitor the next information:
1. Total Inbound Sms Conversation – the number of conversations your clients started (it counts the general number of conversations, not single SMS messages).
2. Total Answered Inbound Sms Conversation – this is the inbound conversations, handled by the agents in the system.
3. Average First Response Time calculates the time between the SMS was received and answered by the agent.
4. Average Conversation Duration displays how much time the conversation was active prior to being completed.
5. Total Outbound Sms Conversation – the number of messages sent by you or your agents.

Filter to know more

Using filter, you can choose the required date and track the SMS conversations of the specific agent in a few clicks.

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Lera Dupliychuk