Integration between Nectar Desk and Teamwork will add the feature to automatically send tickets to your Teamwork Desk inbox whenever a voicemail is left in Nectar Desk.

Before starting the process of setting up the integration between Teamwork Desk and Nectar Desk you should open in a new tab or have in a notepad the API Key from your Teamwork Desk account. You can find information about how to obtain/create your API key by visiting the Getting Teamwork Desk Credentials knowledge base article.

  1. First, navigate to the Integrations screen.
  2. From here when you hover over the block for Teamwork Desk you will see an Integrate button.
  3. Clicking on the Integrate button will start the process of setting up your integration.
    • Note: If you have previously setup the integration for Teamwork Desk you will see a Modify and Disable button instead of and Integrate button
  4. Enter your account credentials in the Modify Teamwork Desk Integration page and click the next button



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