It’s now possible to create different teams in one Nectar Desk account so that their members wouldn’t intersect and could work according to the departments they belong to.

Just imagine: your company consists of Sales, Support and Technical offices. The staff is related to diverse Ring Groups, uses different contact lists and phone numbers for calls and texting. That is a typical workflow for most companies.

But handling various tasks under the common user interface may become a real mess. For this purpose, we’ve developed a Teams option.
It functions in the following way:

Master Admin of the account needs to do the setup and include company members to the required teams.

To do it, please go to Settings – General and enable Teams.

Right after that, go to Setting – Teams and create the new one.


Name it and select the agents, contact lists, numbers and ring groups the agents of this team will have access to.

* Please make sure your agents are assigned to the Ring Groups you chose in the drop-down (go to Settings – Agents and see the 3rd column).
Remember: in Teams Settings, you only give access to the number, etc, which means the agent can now operate with it, but to start operating he needs to be associated with the appropriate Ring Group first.

Edit Team

That’s it 🙂
Create as many Teams under one account as your use case requires or contact and we will help with the setup.

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Lera Dupliychuk