Incoming Call  Pop Up is used to enhance the customer experience and agent efficiency as it  can provide  agents with the key information about the contacts, their status with the organization,history of their interactions and call scripts, which will make calls more productive.

To activate or disable Incoming Call Pop Up you should go Settings> General> Activate Incoming Call Pop Up


Choose Yes/No and click on Submit


To set up Incoming Screen Pop Up you should go Settings>Screen Pop>Screen Pop Settings.  You can choose which tabs are needed for your account.




Incoming Call Pop Up  includes three tabs (Contact Details, Call Script, Notes)  and  buttons Answer/ Reject call.



Contact Details

It shows all needed information about the contact:Full Name, Number, Email, Company, Actions (Inbound/ Outbound calls, Time, Date).


You can add notes and see previous ones.


Call Script

To  create  a script you should go Settings>Screen Pop>Script Manager>Add New Script



Type all needed information, select Ring Group and click on Save. This script will be shown  to those agents who  exist in the selected Ring Group.



You can create scripts for each Ring Group.





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