Call History displays all the information about calls :

  • Call ID (sequential number of all the calls listed)
  • Type of the call (outbound, inbound)
  • Contact (DID of the person you called\received call from)
  • VIA (Number on which call was received or made)
  • Agent(s) involved in the call
  • When (date and time of the call)
  • Waiting time (how long did it take for the call to be answered)
  • Duration
  • Total talk time
  • Tags (you can tag your call with some information and then search for that tag)
  • Actions (call back\send SMS\View agents involved in the call\ tags\play\download the recording)

In the Call History screen, you are able to create a filter based on an agent, phone number, ring group, IVR, call type and date range, tag and disposition

There is also a search by call id field with the help of which you can find the needed call.

The items that display in each filter are dependent on the currently logged in user role. For example, if you are an agent assigned to only one ring group, you will see information about calls only of this group. But supervisor and administrator will see information related to all numbers and all ring groups.

You can also export data as a CSV file for offline analysis and archiving. When you’re ready to export data, you can do so by setting your filters then clicking on export data, the system will automatically save this document as a CSV file. The document will contain data and fields e.g. (Agent, Number, time/date etc)

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