Nectar Desk presents a new feature for ActiveCampaign users.


We have created a handy option for ActiveCampaign Automation. It can send contacts from ActiveCampaign to any list in your Nectar Desk account automatically. It means that you can seamlessly trigger automated SMS or WhatsApp message, or add contacts to Calling Campaigns.

Let’s dive in deeper to see how it works.

Contacts will be created in your Nectar Desk account automatically with the help of any trigger you set up in ActiveCampaign. There are numerous variants of triggers:

  • open/read an email;
  • click a link;
  • tag is added;
  • make a purchase, etc.

You are able to choose the most suitable one for your tasks:


For example, you have chosen “a tag added” as a trigger.

When you mark contact with this tag on the ActiveCampaign platform, it will immediately appear in your Nectar Desk account. This contact will be added to a list, which you choose.

This functionality will significantly save your time and make your work more effective as it gives the opportunity to automate your daily texting/calling routine and have Nectar Desk do your work in the background. So, you do not need to create contacts manually. 

Another piece of great news! This feature would work as a great addition to our integration, however, there is no need to integrate your Nectar Desk account with ActiveCampaign to use this automation.

Let us show you the automation works:

How to Configure an Automation in ActiveCampaign

To set up this automation, add a trigger first and then click + button to add the action. In the screenshot below, the trigger is a tag, but, as mentioned previously, you can choose any other trgger.

Active Campaign Automation


Select CX Apps from the left menu and then select the “Create Contact” action.

Active Campaign Automation


Now, please log in to your Nectar Desk account and find the API key, which you need to enter in the ActiveCampaign platform. 

You can find the API Key under the Nectar Desk Settings -> API Key.

Active Campaign Automation

Then, enter your account subdomain from your account URL: https://[companyname]

Create a contact


After connecting your Nectar Desk account, select the list where you want your contacts to be created. If you have any ongoing SMS/WhatsApp/Calling Campaign, and you need to add your contacts there, you can select the needed list. As soon as the contact is created, the automatic SMS or WhatsApp message will be sent, or they will be added to your Calling Campaigns.

Select a list Nectar Desk


Note: Please double-check your ActiveCampaign account and make sure your automation is now active:


Now all is configured. You have mastered a new function for better performance at work. Now the contacts you need will be created in your list in the Nectar Desk account. If you would like to send an automated SMS, automated WhatsApp message, or add those contacts to a dialer campaign, all you need is to create an ongoing campaign based on this list.

Learn more about the way Nectar Desk integrates with ActiveCampaign. 



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Lera Dupliychuk