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Inbound Call Center Service

A well-to-do business always means the outcome of quality online facilities and moreover, because of proper facilities presented to the users. Nectar Desk inbound call center knows pretty well the appropriate ways to deal with amenities online and the users who are provided with it with ease.

For call centers that field every inbound call, having a great call center system is crucial. Inbound call centers have needs, and Nectar Desk is here to fill them. Your inbound call center will have access to all of the features that will make your call center effective:

  • Integrated voice response technology
  • Phone numbers
  • Computer telephony integration
  • Voicemail recording
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Call transfers
  • Extensions
  • Call queue management
  • Call monitoring
  • And much more!

Nectar Desk prepares people who are skilled to become eligible workers who can provide proper care to the users with the motive to flourish the operation in a well-managed way.

The ambassadors of this particular inbound call centers software have also gone under certain training courses to make sure that every user is provided with cheap and easy assistance.

Functioning of Nectar Desk Inbound Call Center Service

The customer inbound call center service is capable of entertaining any questions regarding any topic for the end-users due to an easy client system, easier understanding of different accents along with many more facilities.

As it uses advanced tools and technologies, the inbound call center service allows its users to stay in touch at as many times as possible. It also provides open customer assistance support line through customer service call center staff. The users initiated call center software is hence, extremely beneficial for a developing business.

Reasons why Nectar Desk Inbound Call Center Solution is more preferable than your current Inbound Call Center Software

Due to the availability of high tech-infrastructure and good telecommunication facilities, any complaint is easily solved and manipulated. With inbound call center software you’ll give a quick and easy response to any sort of complaints.

Nectar Desk inbound call center deals with situations professionally and civil manner. The main target is to help you take your enterprise a step ahead with the help of their dedication, by communicating the staffs and patrons.

The customer initiated inbound call center solution along with handling your inquiries positively also ensures to receive no further complaints and that there is a healthy customer-business relationship.

Services available at all times

The inbound call center software has great affairs in inbound calling with several marker places and thus can grasp the need of the clients. There are certain facilities that are available for the users 24/7. It includes Customers, Channel Support, Technical Support and Order processing.

In addition to our world class features such as automated call monitoring, recording and our IVR system, our call analytics give you insight into your business that will save you time and money.

Can’t predict call peak times? No problem. Nectar Desk’s inbound call center analytics will give you the data you need to plan and staff your agents accordingly. Nectar Desk also leverages CRM integrations with the top CRM services out there:

  • Zendesk
  • Active Campaign
  • Pipedrive
  • Teamwork Desk

Alternative comparisons to competitors like Five9 and Aircall will clearly show Nectar Desk is the best choice. Your business will grow and prosper. Get started today and create the best inbound call center in your industry.

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We fulfill our mission by delivering the most simple, intelligent Cloud-Based Phone System Solution in the world.

Custom Main Greetings

We provide you with all of the standard features you expect from a Call Center Software: IVR, Extensions, Call Recordings, Local and Toll Free numbers, and more

Useful Analytics

There is unlimited value in knowing every aspect of your call performance. We show you data that lets you get to know your call stats like the back of your hand.

24/7 Support

You don’t need to pay extra to be treated like royalty. Our support ninjas team is available for you any moment you may need them.


  Custom Main Greeting

  Basic Analytics

  Call Forwarding

  Call Recording

  Unlimited Call Handeling

  Voicemail to Email

  Name Directory

  Excellent Support

Nectar Desk – Advanced Phone System the way it should be


We have built Nectar Desk with a simple belief in mind – don’t charge clients before they try and are happy with the product, Make it very simple to use, and keep all customer interaction under one roof. We invite you to give Nectar Desk a chance to show you how our Cloud Calling software can change the way your clients are treated.

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No matter how large or small your team is, be it one agent or over one hundred you can take advantage of all the features in our solution.

Basic Voice

Advanced Phone Functionality
For Support Teams and Call Centers

$ 29

Per Month, Per Agent

Unlimited Inbound Local Calls*

Advanced Call Center Functionality


Click-to call

Real Time Dashboards

Screen Pop

24/5 Phone/Chat/Email Support

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Phone + SMS + Chat + Email.
Complete Helpdesk for Teams

$ 49

Per Month, Per Agent


All features of Basic Plan

Live Chat

Email / Ticketing Helpdesk

Unlimited Agents

Unlimited Queues


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PowerDialer + Multi-Channel.
Unlimited Calling. Ideal for Sales Teams

$ 99

Per Month, Per Agent


All features of Multi-Channel

Power Dialer

All you can call




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