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Inbound Call Center Solution

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Receive Important Data
Before Each Call

Our pop-out feature provides your team with vital information about your client and recent activities before answering the call. Your agents don’t need to switch between different tabs or windows. So, it greatly saves time and improves efficiency.

Inbound Call Center Solution
Inbound Call Center Solution

Route Customers
to the Appropriate Agent

Nectar Desk offers automated features such as the IVR system, ACD, and skill-based routing. You can easily set up specific criteria and systems will direct calls following them. Thus, your agents won’t do manual tasks and the call center will meet customer needs.

Track Key Metrics of
Your Inbound Calls

Our solution has advanced analytics and detailed reports. It allows you to keep an eye on significant metrics like call volume, average inbound talk time, agent performance, and others. These insights will help you to optimize your workflow and develop the best strategies.

Inbound Call Center Solution

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We offer a suite of features to increase your efficiency and optimize operations within your call contact center. 

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