Agent Overview Real Time Dashboard

Agent Overview Dashboard

Here’s How Agent Overview Dashboard Works

Nectar Desk allows the creation of separate groups of liaisons. In fact, it is based on skillset, department, and time. The skills-based routing helps to assign calls. You can also make special orders, ranking your best liaisons to receive calls. In this way, they will get calls earlier. In contrast to those at the end of the list.

The top-ranked agents have the opportunity to address callers first. Thereby, it will provide efficient service delivery. Other agents finally engage with callers when the top-ranked are busy. In this flexible way, the contact center’s top liaisons will consistently receive calls. Finally, it will significantly maximize the deployment of the most skilled agents.

Have an access for key metrics of workflow.

Optimize resource distribution easily.

Increase productivity of call center agents.

Use monitoring of call queues in real-time.

Utilize automated call routing system.

Identify areas for immediate improvements.

Optimize Liaison Selection and Call Center Performance

Nectar Desk has a special algorithm for the liaisons selection. Available ones are picked first. Therefore, offline liaisons come next. Busy liaisons come at the last. You definitely can rank them according to their ability and professionalism. In this case, use a “Prioritized Hunt” approach. It will help you to choose the right liaisons. Also, take into consideration agents’ specific skills and expertise.

Use advanced analytics to track key metrics. Consequently, they include volume, service levels, and abandon rates. Always take into account Key Performance Indicators to measure business progress. Gain valuable insights into business progress as well as performance trends. All these approaches will boost your call center’s working performance.

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